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You’re tense about high levels Do you know that your social network accounts really can win you in college? Check our writing service: If you already use them every day, why not use them for something other than injection? (ALL) If you are a social networking fanatic, these social media scholarships are called your name. Check out some really cool, which you can easily apply to today’s Scholarship Do you like to make videos on YouTube? Even if you don’t, it could be your chance to start! The College Scholarship will award $1,000 to an older or current college student. Students should record a short video, describing themselves and their achievements. They also need to share why college is important and what motivates them. Videos should be less than five minutes. Students should have 3.0 GPA. This scholarship has been awarded to 500 students aged between 14 and 25. To win, students must share why they should receive a scholarship in 10 words or less. Students should be in college in the fall Distributing Word on Safety Scholarship The Center for Work with the Chiropratic Center outside Vévine annually awarded an amount of $1,000 each year to graduates of high school or higher education courses. In order to apply, students must write an essay on safety during driving. After the student submits his essay, their message will be available within a week. Then the student must share his essay with his Akkun on social media. Those with the most social actions will be chosen as the winner The Express is a scholarship The picture and explanation should show how education will help them to positively influence the world. Students can win $500 for college. The deadline is 30 June 2019. Students must be enrolled in two or four years of college. The winner gets his answer to the company SimpleTextying Scholarship Simplexting will award $1,000 to a senior or current college student. The student must write a response to the selected topic for input. This theme changes every year, but surrounds social networks. This year, students were asked to write about who they first wrote when they learned that they had been admitted to college. This contest of social media will award from 1000 to three students in New Jersey. Students must present an original social media campaign that will show why it is important to protect wildlife in New Jersey. Three students can win. All students who are enrolled in the system can win a day in the field of wildlife. The Vistomm Scholarships VistaComm will award $500 to a student who best describes it as a growing digital age. Students need to discuss how their life depends on technology and how their lives will be different from their lives without it. The essay should have 1,500 words. The current number of college students with minimal GPA 3.0 can be used. The deadline is 5 May 2019 The Handsome Peruears Doodle for Google Do you often find yourself a chaperone during class? Guess what? These cuttlers can get up to $30,000 on a scholarship! Students from kindergarten through secondary school are invited to create a graphic for Google for the opportunity to win big money. They can use any material they want to create. In addition to winning money, the winner also gets the right to participate in Google during the day